Threat intelligence analysis and advanced analytics platform, trusted for most critical missions 

i2 is the most trusted threat intelligence analysis and advanced analytics platform for tackling critical missions across national security and defense, law enforcement, fraud, financial crime and cyber threat hunting. 

Detect, disrupt and defeat advanced threats faster 

Turn the page on every threat to your enterprise and understand the who, what and why behind every threat by bringing the power of military tested threat intelligence and analysis solution, backed by expert intelligence professionals. 


i2 platform enables you to ingest structured and unstructured data from internal and external sources, including threat intelligence, social media, bank records, network logs and dark web data to uncover hidden connections and rapidly turn information into actionable intelligence. The platform arms you with advanced analytics fused with sophisticated geospatial, visual, temporal and social analysis capabilities to provide you with greater situational awareness and allow you to rapidly analyze data to identify, isolate, predict and defeat sophisticated threats to your organization 

Key Features

  •  i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis (EIA) 
    • Simple data connections to internal, external or commercial data sources. 
    • Advanced link analytics with multidimensional visual analysis and evidence timeline view. 
    • Social network analysis including group structures, communication flows, and relationships between entities. 
    • Geospatial investigation and integration with third party GIS systems to visualize intelligence on a map, conduct pattern of life analysis and more. 
    • Sophisticated visual query facilities for your analysts to construct simple and complicated queries. 
    • Investigate ‘360-view’ to conduct fast target investigation and simple search and discovery. 
  • i2 Analyst’s Notebook 
    • Ability to see connections and patterns.  
    • Integration with Esri ArcGIS Server to deliver association, temporal and geospatial analysis. 
    • Connection to enterprise data sources with search/query capabilities. 
    • Text extraction to help with unstructured data assimilation. 
    • Call record detailed analysis to identify call targets and prevent future call incidents. 
    • Intelligence sharing through i2 Chart Reader. 
    • Premium edition offers multiple search techniques, powerful visual analysis, multidimensional visual analysis (temporal, geospatial with Esri Connector, histogram, social network flows and more), and local information repository. 

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Why i2?

  • Full threat intelligence capabilities including data ingestion, analysis and production.  
  • Seamless integration to your company’s existing data sources and extensibility to third part organizations.  
  • Advanced visualizations at your fingertips, providing your analysts with augmented situational awareness for quicker discovery of hidden connections and patterns within your data. 
  • Advanced analytics and threat intelligence analysis capabilities that your analysts need to detect, disrupt and defeat physical and cyber threats coming at them with increasing speed and sophistication. 
  • i2 is turning the page on corporate intelligence and investigation. It brings you a proactive and reactive approach for identifying and mitigating risks across your organization 

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