Information & Data Management

Organize and maintain data processes to meet your ongoing information lifecycle needs. Build a trusted Analytics foundation to drive better agility, insights and compliance.

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AI & Machine Learning

Quickly create, deploy and manage high-quality self-learning behavioural models to extract hidden value from enterprise data securely, in place and in real time.

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Cloud & Hosting

Host your data on public, private or hybrid cloud, using any of the following models: SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) or IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).

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Information & Data Management

Extract, transform and integrate your data across multiple sources. Organize and maintain data processes to meet your ongoing information lifecycle needs and build a trusted Analytics foundation to drive better agility, insights and compliance.

Business & Advanced Analytics

Empower your analysts, data scientists and business users with the tools they need to understand and analyze data, visualize information, predict business outcomes and automate using machine learning.

Business Intelligence

Drive better performance with better intelligence. Gather, analyze and deliver trusted information in highly visualized dashboards and reports across all levels of your organization. Provide key decision-makers better insights into their business performance, allowing them to drive better business decisions and improve business performance.

IBM Cognos AnalyticsIBM Cloud Pak for Data

Location Intelligence

Meet your digital transformation needs with mapping and spatial analytics software solutions that deliver location intelligences. Available for organizations of all sizes.

Esri ArcGIS Online

Financial Performance Management

Continuously measure business performance against your strategy and objectives in order to identify areas of improvement. Act on those insights, to meet all your business goals.

IBM Planning Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Predict with confidence what will happen next so you can make smarter decisions for your organization. Empower your data scientists with leading solutions in the predictive space.

Prescriptive Analytics

Make better decisions by solving complex optimization problems involving trade-offs between business goals and constraints.

IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio

AI & Machine Learning

Quickly create, deploy and manage high-quality self-learning models. Securely extract hidden value from enterprise data, in place and in real time.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning offer value to companies trying to leverage big data and helps them better understand subtle changes in behavior, preferences, or customer satisfaction. Business leaders are beginning to appreciate that many things happen within their organizations and industries that can’t be understood through a query. It isn’t the questions that you know; it’s the hidden patterns and anomalies buried in the data that can help or hurt you. Utilize powerful systems that learn and train to be able to produce more precise models and outputs based on your specific data.

The advantage of machine learning is that it is possible to leverage algorithms and models to predict outcomes. The trick is to ensure that the data scientists doing the work are using the right algorithms, ingesting the most appropriate data (that is accurate and clean), and using the best performing models. If all these elements come together, it’s possible to continuously train the model and learn from outcomes by learning from the data. The automation of this process (of modelling, training the model, and testing) leads to accurate predictions that support business evolution.


Implement industry-leading security solutions on premises or in the cloud to help you identify and respond to threats with speed and confidence as well as establish digital trust by governing and protecting your business, data, users and critical assets.

Threat Management

Detect and stop advanced threats to your business, orchestrate incident response and master threat hunting. Threat management solutions help automate threat detection and response across the enterprise – empowering your team to respond proactively and take down even the most persistent threats. Master the art and science of threat hunting with intelligent orchestration and automation.

Compliance & Digital Trust

Solutions that protect critical assets and deliver digital trust. Get ahead of compliance with solutions that monitor and enforce compliance to meet industry standards and security policies and silently secure the connected workforce to balance productivity, security and compliance. Ensure secure flow of data through apps and endpoints and establish digital trust to welcome in the right customers and keep fraudsters out.

Cloud & Hosting

Get set up with the cloud solution that best fits your organization - whether it’s a public, private or a hybrid cloud. We will also help you to determine the best cloud model for your needs, based on the workloads you want to keep in-house, versus the workloads you want others to manage for you. Potential cloud models include: SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).

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