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IBM Netezza Performance Server is an advanced cloud-native data warehouse designed for unified, scalable analytics and insights available anywhere. Built with data lake and integration, Netezza Performance Server empowers you to run highly complex queries and machine learning to support critical business decisions across your organization. It provides a secure, and scalable source for your analytics that is simple to use and flexible enough to run demanding analytical workloads across fully managed cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments.

Why Netezza?

Netezza Performance Server provides a scalable, high-performance, analytic system designed to handle high-scale data volumes with linear performance scalability. Seamlessly upgrade with a single command, point your existing applications to your new Netezza server, and sit back as they work exactly as before.

Key Benefits

  • Cost-predictability in the cloud: A granular elastic scaling feature and hourly credit consumption mode allow you to pay only for what you need, as you need it.
  • Scale analytics and AI: Using fit-for-purpose query engines that optimize workloads for all data types, Netezza seamlessly integrates with to run analytics and AI workloads across any environment.
  • Collaborate across secure and governed data: Manage your authorized users' access to your data while securing it, all in one unified location.
  • Achieve high availability for your analytics: Netezza delivers highly available and fault-tolerant data warehouses that can operate 24x7x365, ensuring your data is reliable.
  • Automate administration in the cloud: Benefit from automated maintenance with Netezza fully managed in the cloud. Stay focused on essential tasks instead of worrying about running your data warehouse.
  • Create faster insights: Run complex queries optimized for swift execution, enhancing time-to-insight and decision speed from days to minutes.

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