Software Licenses & Renewals

Keep up with the latest Analytics trends and ensure that you are set up with the most up-to-date and suitable software license for your business needs.

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Business Consulting

Overcome your business challenges, with expert guidance that is tailored to your unique objectives. Achieve greater actionable insights into your business and make faster, better and more aligned decisions.

Needs Assessment

Identify variances between your current and desired performance levels, with a consultative Needs Assessment. After illuminating the differences, we help you to address your challenges by proposing solutions and recommendations and defining a strategy with roadmaps to achieve your desired objectives.

Strategy Management

Define your overarching business objectives and develop a strategic management program to keep you on track. We start by performing an assessment of your strategic goals and the alignment across different functions. Next, we create a management process for monitoring progress towards achieving your strategic goals.

Business Performance Management

Plan, forecast, and make adjustments to reach your financial and operational goal. Our Business Performance Management offerings consists of reporting and analysis, defining performance measurement and KPIs, defining and optimizing business processes, and culminates with the implementation of an integrated performance management system. Our solutions help you reduce costs and achieve higher return on your investment.

Digital Transformation

Align your resources, processes and technology to your corporate goals and improve your business performance with our Digital Transformation advisory services. We help you drive successful digital transformation with the use of industry-specific best practices in IT and management consulting. Evolve your corporate culture and adopt digital technologies to make your business processes more efficient and effective.

Business Process Management

We work with individual business units or cross-functional units within your organization to help align and continuously optimize your key business processes. Our services include: business process mapping, gap analysis, defining a strategy and roadmaps for improvements, implementation using best practices and continuously measuring, optimizing and standardizing. Business Process Management introduces cost reduction, process efficiency and effectiveness, improved cycle time, and greater staff productivity into your organization.

Change Management

Our team of professionals knows and understands the challenges that business leaders are facing today as organizations deal with rapid change and limited resources. With our practical expertise and extensive knowledge in change management, we help you to successfully identify areas where change is needed. Next, we implement an effective change management strategy with practical, results driven and cost-effective solutions that ensure your organizational success.

Technology Consulting

Take advantage of our in-house expertise and practical experience in the Analytics space, with our end-to-end Technology Consulting services. Our methodology is based on clear vision and planning so that our solutions are properly mapped to your business requirements. Some of our technology consulting services include:

Requirement Analysis

Requirement analysis is critical to the success of any software implementation. We work with you to ensure that your software requirements are clearly defined, documented and reflect your business needs. Additionally, we ensure the technical team has all information they need to implement your solution accurately and successfully.

Solution Architecture
and Design

From hardware sizing and solution architecture to the design of a full end-to-end Analytics process, we offer expert advisory services to help you design and architect your Analytics solution such that it fits within your overall enterprise architecture. We provide you with the necessary documentation, processes and roadmaps to achieve your goals.

Technical Assessment

Our technical experts work with you to review and conduct a thorough evaluation of the Analytics software solution. We then deliver a series of best-practice-based recommendations, designed to maximize the return on your investment. You receive a comprehensive document from which actionable recommendations will be drawn, and our experts help you develop an execution plan to deploy these recommendations.

Installation, Migration
and Upgrade

We offer technical and business guidance with new Analytics product installations and existing Analytics product migrations and upgrades. When it comes to migrations and upgrades, our approach is to perform a technical assessment of the environment/solution and define a migration/upgrade plan based on our findings. We then employ the necessary tools and best practices to ensure that your upgrade/migration is a success.

Implementation, Integration and Deployment

Achieve your short- and long-term goals with expert guidance throughout your Analytics journey. Our team of Analytics experts have successfully implemented, integrated and deployed many Analytics projects based on best practices in both the private and public sectors. Some of our technical areas of expertise include ETL, reporting, dashboarding, location intelligence, scorecarding, analysis, planning, forecasting, predictive modeling and AI.

Guidance, Mentoring
and Support

Guidance, mentoring and ad-hoc support services on an as-requested basis helps to ensure your Analytics journey is a success. We provide you with the support you need on new product features, best practices on product installations and implementations and help escalate critical support issues. Our partnerships and reseller relationships around Analytics solutions enables us to take your feedback and provide suggestions on Analytics product enhancements.

Software Licenses & Renewals

Buy licenses that you need, when you need them. We actively keep up with the latest Analytics trends, new product releases and licensing changes, to ensure that you receive the most up to date information.

Receive a complimentary renewal assessment which evaluates your existing licensing structure. After conducting the assessment, we will make a renewal recommendation that accurately reflects your current licensing needs. We work directly with IBM to ensure you are provided with the best possible option.