Accelerate your business processes and dramatically reduce client wait times with the brilliance of AI-powered automation.

A modular collection of integrated software components built for any hybrid cloud, the IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation seamlessly automates tasks and accelerates business growth. With IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation, you can transform fragmented workflows — achieving 97% straight-through processing — to remain competitive, boost efficiency, and decrease operational costs.

Why Cloud Pak for Business Automation?

Your most demanding business processes require optimal AI-powered automation. IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation is known for its stellar analysis and execution of workflows, AI-infused automation with low- and no-code tooling, and superior ability to assign tasks to bots and track performance. You can easily deploy Cloud Pak across any cloud managed by you or IBM as SaaS.

Key Features

  •  Content services: Efficiently deploy enterprise content across any cloud and within any application.
  • Document processing: Simplify and automate the transformation of unstructured content from paper documents, electronic documents, and images into valuable data.
  • Workflow: Reduce or eliminate time-consuming tasks by automating case and process workflows.
  • RPA and digital labor: Utilize software robots that act on AI insights to automate business and IT processes at scale – with no lag time.
  • Process mining: Identify inefficiencies, make quicker, more informed decisions, and drive continuous process improvement.
  • Decision management: Make precise and personalized decisions by creating and managing your business rules independently from applications and processes.

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