Optimize performance for data-intensive applications with intelligent edge, core, and cloud storage solutions.

Why IBM Storage?

IBM Storage helps you do more by ensuring your data is secure and easily accessible for faster, more informed decision making. It efficiently unites disparate data sources, so you can customize, automate, and gain insight while reducing overall costs. Make sure your data is resilient and ready for hybrid cloud, big data and AI—and whatever comes next.

Storage Solutions

  • IBM storage for data and AI: IBM storage for data and AI unlocks the latent value in your data to fast-track innovation and business results. Eliminate your data ingest and aggregation challenges, increase data relevancy and enable faster data analysis at scale. Create an information supply chain that empowers artificial intelligence and big data solutions across your organization.
  • IBM storage for hybrid cloud: IBM storage for hybrid cloud empowers you to deploy cloud architectures on-premises and extend them seamlessly to public cloud environments. Stop maintaining and start innovating by taking control of your hybrid cloud environments. Make IT more agile, scalable, secure, efficient and cost effective for your portable workloads.
  • IBM storage for data resilience: IBM storage for data resiliency protects against threats including hardware failures, natural disasters and cyberattacks. It integrates machine learning and automation with storage technology to detect anomalies and threats, speed recovery and optimize costs. Get the storage resiliency your business requires to safeguard critical data and workloads.

Storage Software

Delivering data and services across edge, core, and clouds.
  • IBM Storage Scale: Get high performance, low latency storage with cloud-scale capacity for data-intensive workloads.
  • IBM Storage Ceph®: Unified data access with a reliant, elastic software-defined storage solution for growing workloads.
  • IBM Storage Fusion: Container-native storage and data orchestration for Red Hat OpenShift for modern applications.
  • IBM Storage Defender: Safeguard data from threats and recover faster in a secure environment to ensure business continuity.
  • IBM Storage Insights: Use the power of AIOps to optimize storage, increase productivity and accelerate issue resolution.
  • IBM Storage Protect for Cloud: Protect your critical business data on popular SaaS services including Microsoft 365 and Salesforce with flexible backup and granular restore.

Storage Hardware

Cutting-edge hardware innovations for data storage
  • IBM Storage Fusion HCI System: Accelerate Red Hat OpenShift deployments via hyperconverged appliance data orchestration services.
  • IBM Storage Scale System: Aggregate and store large unstructured data sets with global data access without data movement.
  • IBM Storage FlashSystem: Cyber-resilient, all-flash and hybrid SAN Storage for performance-intensive business applications.
  • IBM Storage DS8K: Run mainframe and open system workloads on a flexible system with ultra-low latency and high availability.
  • IBM Storage Tape: Protect and preserve your data on a fast, secure and encrypted solution for your long-term storage needs.
  • IBM Storage Networking: Transform your storage fabric and unleash the data delivery performance your applications demand.

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