Achieve unified endpoint management (UEM) with SaaS solution IBM Security® MaaS360®.

Modern day companies with remote workforces often struggle to manage and protect their distributed devices. IBM MaaS360 can help manage these devices, monitor them for malicious activity, and deploy exceptional security measures. In our “work-from-anywhere” world, organizations need to centrally manage endpoints and security, while keeping their IT experts efficient, creating frictionless experiences for their end users, reducing the cyberthreats and keeping a low TCO. Clients are challenged with multiple endpoint security tools/ dashboards that limit the ability of IT admins to be effective in mitigating and dealing with threats. MaaS360 combines Modern Management with traditional Client Management and secures and manages any number of laptops, desktops, mobile devices, wearables, ruggedized. MaaS360 enables a high security strategy with risk free access to corporate resources and evolved, built-in threat management.

Why MaaS360?

Seamlessly set up your company’s devices and profit right away from a higher ROI. Organizations that employ MaaS360 enjoy an 183% increase in return on investment over 3 years. With over 10 million devices managed and a sharp 2-minute average setup time, it’s no wonder MaaS360 is a winning choice.

Key Features

  • Endpoint convergence: Easily scale and integrate with existing infrastructure and investments: laptops, desktops, mobile devices, wearables, IoT and ruggedized devices.
  • Protect your organization’s critical information: Access, create, edit and sync business documents with bulletproof safety.
  • Superior threat management: Detect threats and automate remediation across your users, devices, apps, data, and network by enabling enterprise-grade threat defense.
  • Protected access: Enhanced with automation and informed by AI, MaaS360 is a cyber threat management system that can help counter today’s advanced attacks from cybercriminals. Grant protected access to company resources, without a VPN and from any mobile device.
  • Advanced AI capabilities: MaaS360 Advisor leverages Watson to identify threats, improve productivity, and provide insights into industry and product news. Get the only UEM platform with Watson AI to deliver contextually relevant and actionable security insights across your enterprise.
  • Identity management: Integrate frictionless identity within your organization and access management with UEM.

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From endpoint management to native security, MaaS360 provides an end-to-end UEM solution. Discover how the platform enables productivity when working from anywhere, on any device.