Achieve smarter data protection with visibility, automation and scalability.

IBM Guardium helps you take a smarter, more adaptive approach to protecting critical data wherever it resides. As a comprehensive data protection platform, it enables your security team to automatically analyze what is happening in sensitive-data environments (databases, data warehouses, big data platforms, cloud environments, files systems, etc.) to help minimize risk, protect sensitive data from internal and external threats, and seamlessly adapt to IT changes that may impact data security. Guardium helps ensure the integrity of information in data centers and automate compliance controls. 

Safeguards sensitive data using automated discovery, classification, monitoring and cognitive analytics 

Guardium Data Protection solutions provides automated sensitive data discovery and classification, real-time data activity monitoring and cognitive analytics to discover unusual activity around sensitive data. It protects against unauthorized data access by learning regular user access patterns and can provide real-time alerts on suspicious activities. It can dynamically block access or quarantine user IDs to protect against internal and external threats and also helps streamline and automate compliance workflows. The product is built on a scalable architecture that provides full visibility on data activity across structured and unstructured data. 


Guardium Insights simplifies your organization’s data security architecture and enables access to long-term data security and compliance data. It provides security teams with risk-based views and alerts, as well as advanced analytics based on proprietary Machine Learning technology to uncover hidden threats. Guardium Insights gives your security professionals the ability to quickly create data security and audit reports, monitor activity in on-prem and cloud sources, and act from a central location. 

Key Features

  • Data classification and protection, activity monitoring, actionable insights and compliance reportingGuardium discovers and classifies data, as well as monitors and audits activity to help protect sensitive data across hybrid multi-cloud environments. With Guardium, your security teams can set entitlements and access controls, streamline compliance and get contextual insights and analytics to help detect and block suspicious activity. 
  • Robust and certified encryption, tokenization and key management: Obscure sensitive data with flexible encryption solutions that safeguard data on premises, in a single cloud, multiple clouds or hybrid environments. 
  • Data security optimization, reporting and risk analysis: Enrich existing data security deployments with optimization, reporting and risk analysis capabilities to streamline operations, improve time to value, and combine data security information with other tools to provide contextual insights. 
  • Data discovery, classification and vulnerability assessment scans: Automatically understand what sensitive or regulated data your organization holds, then identify database vulnerability exposures and misconfigurations, and get remediation recommendations. 

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Why IBM Security Guardium?

  • Safeguards your critical data, protecting your structured and unstructured data in databasesBig Data environments and file systems against threats and ensuring compliance. 
  • Helps you prevent data leaks, ensure the integrity of information and automate compliance controls across heterogeneous environments. 
  • Designed for ease of use and scalability, enabling continuous monitoring of structured and unstructured data traffic as well as enforcing policies for sensitive data access across your organization.

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