Planning, budgeting, forecasting, analysis and scorecarding in one solution

IBM Planning Analytics, powered by IBM TM1, lets you explore and analyze data, create sophisticated scenario models, and perform in-depth, multidimensional analysis to assess the impact of initiatives and market events on your most profitable products, customers and sales channels.

A single planning solution for better business results

In today’s volatile business environment, organizations need speed, agility and foresight in their financial and operational performance management. IBM Planning Analytics, deployable on cloud or on premises, automates planning, budgeting, forecasting and analysis processes. It enables finance and line of business users to coordinate their planning, linking key business drivers to financial KPIs. Finance and business users alike can synthesize information, uncover trends and deliver insights to improve decision making throughout the enterprise.

Key Features

  • Plan and visualize in an interactive workspace: Link operational tactics to financial plans, synthesize information and see clear data visualizations in a dynamic, self-service workspace.
  • Gain forward-looking insights: Uncover real-time insights across your business dimensions using the powerful, in-memory IBM TM1 OLAP engine.
  • Perform what-if analysis: Explore scenarios or test business assumptions, and immediately see the financial impact of alternative courses of action.
  • Take advantage of a familiar Microsoft Excel interface: The solution offers full Excel capabilities including graphics and built-in functions.
  • Benefit from cloud, on-premises or mixed deployment environments: The flexible, scalable platform can be used by individuals, teams, workgroups or the entire enterprise.

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Why IBM Planning Analytics?

  1. Flexible and scalable deployment.
  2. Customizable workspace with In-memory analytics.
  3. Predictive insights uncovered automatically.
  4. Multidimensional scenario modeling.
  5. Data integration with SAP, Oracle and other sources.

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