Connected security platform built for a hybrid, multi-cloud world

IBM Cloud Pak for Security (ICP4S) is a platform that helps you uncover hidden threats, make informed risk-based decisions and prioritize your team’s time. It allows you to connect to your existing data sources for deeper insights, securely access IBM and third-party tools to search for threats across any cloud or on-premises location, and quickly orchestrate actions and responses to those threats – while leaving your data where it is. Delivered in a modern architecture based on microservices and containerization, it can run in any environment – on premises or on cloud. 

Solve for today's most pressing cybersecurity needs

ICP4S connects to third party tools and data sources, including multiple SIEMs, end point detection systems, threat intelligence services and identity and cloud repositories. It solves for two critical security needs: First, it simplifies and speeds investigations with federated search, arming your analysts to investigate indicators of compromise across the organization. Second, it helps you respond quickly and thoroughly to threats by automating and prioritizing tasks and collaborating across teams.  

What is IBM Cloud Pak?

ICP4S is one of a set of IBM Cloud Paks. IBM Cloud Paks are enterprise-ready, containerized software solutions that give clients an open, faster and more secure way to move core business applications to any cloud. Each IBM Cloud Pak includes containerized IBM middleware and common software services for development and management, on top of a common integration layer — designed to reduce development time by up to 84 percent and operational expenses by up to 75 percent. IBM Cloud Paks run wherever Red Hat OpenShift runs and are optimized for productivity and performance on Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud. 


ICP4S is comprised of containerized software pre-integrated with Red Hat OpenShift. The platform connects to your existing security tools – and through the use of open standards – allows you to search for threat indicators across your hybrid, multicloud environment. It also connects workflows from across the business using a unified interface. 

Key Features

  • Gain security insights without moving your data: ICP4S connects all your data sources—helping you uncover hidden threats and make more informed, risk-based decisions—while leaving the data where it resides. 
  • Quickly respond to security incidents with automation: The platform connects workflows with a unified interface to help your teams respond quickly, orchestrate responses and automate actions.  
  • Run anywhere and connect openlyBuilt on open, cloud-native technology, ICP4S can be deployed on any environment, on-premises or on cloud.  

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Why IBM Cloud Pak for Security?

  • ICP4S is one of a set of IBM Cloud Paks that speed up your move to cloud, lowers your total cost of ownership and accelerates innovations based on open-source technologies.  
  • Built on open, cloud-native technology and pre-integrated with Red Hat Open Shift, the solution can be deployed and run on any environment – on premises or on cloud. The open ecosystem promotes tool interoperability, reducing vendor lock-in. 
  • Deployable in just hours, it is easily extendable with a growing array of IBM and third-party microservices. 
  • It connects to your existing security tools and data to generate deeper insightsuncover hidden threats and make informed risk-based decisions, without requiring a move of the underlying data.  
  • It provides a unified interface to intelligently orchestrate response and automate actions related to security incidence, allowing your team to save time and focus on higher-value activities. 
  • With certification by IBM to run on Red Hat OpenShift, Cloud Paks provide full software stack support, and regular security, compliance and version compatibility updates. 

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