Support your data quality and information governance needs

IBM InfoSphere QualityStage is designed to support your data quality and information governance needs. It enables you to investigate, cleanse and manage your data, and maintain consistent views of key entities, such as customers, vendors, locations and products.

Deliver quality data to driver better business decisions

Data Quality is an essential characteristic that determines the reliability of data for making decisions. As information sources are growing more numerous and diverse, and regulatory compliance initiatives more focused, the need to integrate and access information from disparate sources is becoming critical. IBM InfoSphere QualityStage helps you deliver quality data for your big data, business intelligence, data warehousing, application migration and master data management projects.

Key Features

  • Deep data profiling: Understand the content, quality and structure of your data.
  • Data quality rules (200+ built-in rules): Control the ingestion of ‘bad’ data by running data quality rules.
  • Data classification (250+ built-in data classes): Identify where personally identifiable information (PII), sensitive data, and other classes of data are stored.
  • Data standardization and record matching: Remove duplicate and merge multiple systems into a single view to create accurate data that can be trusted.
  • Automatic business term assignment with machine learning: Utilize machine learning for an accelerated metadata classification process (auto-tagging).
  • Built-in governance: Show data rules not linked to information governance policies to support the enablement of data rules for exception management.
  • On-premise or cloud deployment: Extend your on-premises capacity or transition into a private or public cloud with flexible deployment options and subscription pricing.

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Why IBM InfoSphere QualityStage?

  • Obtain quality data with data profiling, standardization, probabilistic matching and data enrichment.
  • Consolidate all available and meaningful information in a trusted view.
  • Cross-organizational capabilities to support your information governance policies.
  • Consolidate applications, retire outdated databases and automate business processes for cost savings.

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