Intelligent security analytics for insight into your most critical threats 

IBM QRadar Security Intelligence platform provides you with complete visibility into your enterprise data across on-premises and cloud environments from behind a single pane of glassQRadar allows you to detect and proactively hunt known and unknown threats, identify and prioritize incidents, generate actionable insights, apply AI to accelerate investigation processes and automate containment processes. 

The next-generation intelligent SIEM that helps you visualize, detect and automatically respond to threats up to 50 times faster 

IBM QRadar is designed to collect logs, events, network flows and user behavior across your entire enterprise, correlates that against threat intelligence and vulnerability data to detect known threats and applies advanced analytics to identify anomalies that may signal unknown threats. The solution then uniquely connects the end-to-end chain of activity associated with a single potential incident, and provides prioritized alerts based on severity, helping you to quickly uncover critical threats while reducing false positives. 

Key Features

  • Ingest vast amounts of data from on-premises or cloud sources: Provides insights into your on-premises and cloud-based resources and applies business context to the data to maximize relevant threat and risk insights. 
  • Threat intelligence and support from IBM: Includes threat intelligence from IBM X-Force and enables you to integrate additional threat intelligence feeds of your choice via STIX/TAXII. 
  • Built-in analytics to accurately detect threats: Allows you to analyze network, endpoint, asset, user, vulnerability and threat data to accurately detect known and unknown threats, which helps shorten time-to-value in the analysis of threat data without requiring data science experts. 
  • Correlate related activities to detect threats: Uniquely identifies and tracks related activities, giving analysts end-to-end visibility into a potential incident from a single screen. 
  • Integrates out-of-the-box with 450 solutions: Provides over 450 out-of-the-box integrations, APIs and an SDK to help you ingest data faster, gain deeper insights and extend the value of your existing solutions. 
  • Deployable on-premises or in-cloud: Flexible architecture offers multiple deployment options. 

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Why IBM QRadar Security Intelligence?

  • Allows you to gain comprehensive insights, quickly detect and prioritize potential threatsapply AI to accelerate investigation processes by 50 percent and gain feedback to continuously improve detection.  
  • Purpose-built for security with out-of-the-box analytics, correlation rules and dashboards to help you address your most pressing security use cases.  
  • Deployable on premises or in cloud. 
  • Gartner names IBM Security a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) Magic Quadrant Leader for the 10th consecutive year 

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