The next generation of incident response with the most advanced, battle-tested SOAR platform

IBM Resilient Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) Platform is the leading platform that enables you to coordinate people, process and technology involved in responding to security incidents as well as orchestrating and automating incident response processes.  

Accelerate cyber resilience, protect against security incidents and speed incident response

IBM Resilient offers a powerful foundation for response planning, management and mitigation for all incident types. Resilient’ s open and agnostic platform integrates with your security infrastructure and establishes a central hub for SOAR, enabling you to orchestrate and automate responsesThe latest innovation to IBM Resilient SOAR Platform, Dynamic Playbooks, provides the agility, intelligence, and sophistication needed for complex attacks, automatically adapting to real-time incident conditions. 

Key Features

  • Proactively manage response with the SOAR platform:  Arm your team with a powerful platform for managing and resolving incidents quickly and efficiently, which includes more than a dozen built-in intelligence feeds that supplement incident alerts with relevant context. 
  • Orchestrate and automate: Resilient’s Actions Add-on empowers your security teams to automate incident response plans and orchestrate incident response processes and workflows without specialized programming skills. 
  • Manage breach notification laws: Built on a continually updated knowledge base of global regulations, the Privacy Module provides data breach response plans that take the complexity out of tracking privacy legislation and regulations, contractual obligations, and industry best practices. 
  • Understand your environment: With Incident Visualization, analysts can see pertinent relationships between artifacts and incidents to provide greater insight into incidents, quickly uncover broader campaigns and show how attacks unfold over time. 
  • Make complex processes simple With its powerful business process management notation engine, Visual Workflows allows teams to build complex workflows based on tasks and technical integrations without requiring special programming or coding skills. 
  • Train your team and processes: IBM Resilient's incident simulations and reporting features enable your security teams to test their response plans, identify gaps in their processes or skills sets, and continually measure and refine their response capabilities. 

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Why IBM Resilient?

  • Helps your organization respond with confidence, automate with intelligence and collaborate with consistency.  
  • Quickly and easily integrates with your organization’s existing security and IT investments.  
  • Allows security alerts to be instantly actionable, provides valuable intelligence and incident context and enables adaptive response to complex cyber threats. 

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