Wednesday, November 3rd

1:00pm – 5:00pm EST

Location: Online Webinar


We will provide an in-depth view of the i2 product line and how they are applied, why they are deployed.

  • i2 Components – Where Are You?
  • i2 Developments – What Happened When You Weren’t Looking?
  • Capability Requirements – How to Get There?
  • Year of the Gun – Why Data Matters?
  • Managing Data and Data Quality
  • IBM i2 Road Map

i2 Components

We will provide an in-depth view of the i2 product line and how they are applied, why they are deployed.

i2 Developments

For the current user base we will describe the milestones in development releases and why you should be upgrading your systems. For new users, why this is the most successful intelligence analysis platform.

Capability Requirements

We will discuss what differentiates the recommendations we make based on Client requirements, environment, and integrations.

Year of the Gun

This presentation outlines the year of the gun, how analyst toolsets are applied, and the data required to conduct meaningful analysis to assist investigators.

i2 Road Map

The i2 Offering Management Team will provide a unique opportunity of what the future will hold for the i2 product line and development advances.


Markus Pankatz is the Director for Security and Intelligence Operations at Versatil. He is a recognized intelligence SME and public speaker in Canada and the Caribbean. Markus has designed and implemented enterprise and tactical intelligence systems in Canada, the Caribbean and South America. He utilizes his experience in domestic and expeditionary operations to maximize successful outcomes for Commercial and Government Agencies. Markus continues to serve the intelligence community as federal member, the Veterans Transition Program and furthering education as a member of Seneca College’s Professional Advisory Board for the law enforcement and intelligence program.

Manny San Pedro is retired analyst of the Toronto Police Sex Crimes Unit and the Technology Vice President for the International Association of Crime Analysts.

Ryan Hoover is an IBM i2 Product Manager with the Offering management Team.